Nash Forensic delivers motorcycle related expert witness testimony and consultation services for both plaintiffs and defendants, in relation to high exposure litigation, concerning the complexities of motorcycles, rider action and inaction, motorcycle accidents and incidents, motorcycle systems and dynamics, mechanical reconstruction, inclusive of testing and analysis of motorcycles and their parts, and aftermarket motorcycle products.

William Nash has over three decades of experience, knowledge, background, and training with motorcycles, including street, custom, racing, dirt, experimental, UTVs and ATVs. Experienced in motorcycle operation, design, functionality, mechanical, theory, dynamics, build, failure(s), research and design, destructive testing, warnings, reconstruction and rider error, motorcycle shop practices and industry standards, not all inclusive.

In addition to holding advanced degrees William Nash is a motorcycle shop owner and published professional motorcycle designer and builder.

Nash Forensic solves complex problems and specializes both in proving motorcycle rider error or proper operation by the motorcycle rider and proving vehicle operator error or reasonable vehicle operation. Guided by extensive knowledge, background, experience and training, we are able to reliably analyze and prove or disprove claims concerning product design and product manufacturing defect(s) claims and are experienced with proper/improper maintenance, industry standards, standard of care and duties concerning motorcycle manufacturers, motorcycle shops and retailers.

Whether your case hinges on proper rider action or rider error, a shop’s work or maintenance to a motorcycle, a manufacturer’s product, road condition(s), protective gear or the lack thereof, another/other driver(s), the sale or loan of a vehicle to an unlicensed or not appropriate driver concerning negligent entrustment theories, negligence and or strict products liability, Nash Forensic has been successfully involved in these relatively diverse motorcycle related actions.

William Nash is an experienced motorcycle expert professionally familiar with the complexities of motorcycle related litigation. We know motorcycles from the ground up.

Nash Forensic provides motorcycle consulting and expert witness services to trial lawyers, insurance companies and motorcycle manufacturers.

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